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Medical Weight Loss

Physician-Supervised Medical Weight Loss

Sustainable Solutions for Lifelong Health

At ReBalanced Wellness Roswell, our commitment goes beyond simply aiding initial weight loss; we focus on sustaining these results long-term. Effective weight management is critical in significantly reducing the risk of several health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and inflammation.

We adopt a holistic approach that incorporates both prescription and non-prescription medications, dietary supplements, expert nutritional counseling, and regular support meetings to ensure lasting success.

Explore our extensive range of weight loss programs, each tailored to meet your specific health goals.

ReBalanced Wellness Prescription Weight Loss Options: Semaglutide

Recently approved by the FDA, Semaglutide marks a significant breakthrough in obesity treatment, the first of its kind in over a decade.

Initially developed for type-2 diabetes management, Semaglutide, along with other GLP-1 antagonist drugs, is now celebrated for its effectiveness in promoting substantial weight loss, reducing appetite, and managing hunger and cravings.

Clinical trials have shown remarkable results, with over 70% of participants losing 15-20% of their total body weight, surpassing the success rates of other FDA-approved weight loss drugs.

Benefits of Semaglutide and Exenatide for Weight Loss

  • Enhances feelings of fullness
  • Slows stomach emptying
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Lowers leptin levels
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Controls hunger and cravings
  • Decreases A1c levels
  • Suppresses appetite

Additional Weight Loss Options

Innovative Treatment: Tirzepatide

Currently in Phase 3 clinical trials, Tirzepatide is emerging as a powerful solution for patients struggling with obesity or obesity-related conditions. With its FDA Fast Track designation, Tirzepatide is anticipated to become a new therapeutic option for adults with these health challenges.

B12/Lipo Injections for Enhanced Well-being

Available for only $15, our B12/Lipo injections offer numerous benefits, including increased energy and metabolism, enhanced fat burning, improved sleep and mood, and liver detoxification. These injections are a vital component of our comprehensive health strategy.

30-Day Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss Program

Our 30-day program combines prescription medications (Naltrexone/Phentermine/B12) with expert medical supervision and body composition analysis. Benefits include boosted metabolism, reduced appetite, controlled cravings, and increased energy, all designed to effectively support your weight loss goals.

Personalized Nutritionist Consultation

For $175, engage with a certified nutritionist who will create customized meal plans and provide a 30-day follow-up through virtual consultations. This service is designed to optimize your dietary habits and ensure ongoing progress towards your wellness objectives.

Our Service Area

Dedicated to promoting wellness across the region, ReBalanced Wellness Roswell not only serves the local community but also caters to individuals from Atlanta, College Park, East Point, Forest Park, and nearby areas. We also have facilities in Sandy Springs, Cumming, Hapeville, Stockbridge, and Suwanee. Visit us to experience top-tier health services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Schedule your appointment today and explore the superior care we offer.